Techniques for Successful LinkedIn InMail Sales Prospecting

LinkedIn In Mail is the core of the LinkedIn platform for most sales managers. In Mail is one way to maximize your LinkedIn sales efforts. It is a great feature that allows you to directly reach out to business leads with high conversion rates. LinkedIn In Mail works well for sales. But is it the right option for sales outreach. This guide provides key details on LinkedIn In Mail. What are In Mail credit and how do I get them? In Mail credits refer to the number of In Mail messages that you can send to LinkedIn users regardless of whether or not they are connected. The type of account you have will affect the number of In Mail credit that you get. A free LinkedIn account does not have any In Mail credit. You will receive five In Mails each month if you have an LinkedIn Premium account . LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional accounts provide 20 In Mails each month while its Team version gives you 30. In Mail For Outreach: Is it effective? Users are often frustrated by conn